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  • JExecSQL - A Java front-end database  v.1.0JExecSQL is a database front-end application written in Java for Firebird, MySQL, MS SQL Server, Oracle and PostgreSQL.
  • Spectral Front End  v.1.0Spectral Front End is a cross-platform, Qt-based front end for Simutronics games, and specifically for Gemstone.
  • PyReCADE - MAME Arcade Cabinet Front-end  v.1.0pyReCADE (pronounced "pie arcade") is a Python based MAME front-end designed for use on an arcade cabinet using minimal controls (joystick and buttons).
  • BSN Front End GUI  v.1.0The BSN Front End GUI allow user to run simulation of distributed inference algorithms on Body Sensor Networks.
  • FREND2: Front-end to DtCyber  v.1.0FREND2: Front-end to DtCyber. Runs in conjunction with DtCyber (a CDC 6000 emulator) to provide interactive access to an emulated CDC mainframe running the obscure SCOPE/Hustler operating system. See and
  • Reality Boy Front-end  v.1.0A Win32 front-end for the open-source Virtual Boy emulator Reality Boy. The code-base can also be a jumping-off point for other GUI front-ends.
  • Compiler Front End Generator  v.1.0Front provides a compiler front end generator that can generate a parser, pretty printer, symbol table handling, and Abstract Syntax Tree data structures and traversals. It also provides a C preprocessor library, and an AST rewriter generator.
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