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CDR Tools Front End  v.1.4

CDR Tools Front End 1.4 is Windows Front End of the popular Linux CD recording software 'cd record'Major Features:Burn your own data and music CDs with this freeware.Includes Windows version of cdrtools/cdrecord.Supports data, audio and mixed mode CD

Zaval Database Front-End  v.1.2

Zaval Database Front-End 1.2 is a program based on Web, created for any database you have JDBC drivers to. The tool allows any raw SQL code execution, it's limited only by SQL supported by the database you are

AntAcid - Advanced GUI front-end for ant  v.1.5.15

AntAcid is a GUI front-end to Jakarta's ant build tool.Eliminates requirement to code directly in XML.Context-menus direct the user to allowable selections of Tasks, nested Tasks and their respective attributes.Generates xml

Apcupsd java gui front-end  v.1.0

apcupsdJcfg is written as a front-end companion to the program apcupsd. It is a gui front-end used to easily create the apcupsd.conf config file so the users do not have to manually edit the file with a text

AtariMax front-end  v.1.3

Front-end to AtariMax software kit to flash a 1Mbit or 8Mbit cartridge for Atari XL

Extensible, Mult-emUlator Front End  v.1.0.0

EMUFE (Extensible, Multi-emUlator Front End) This is a Front end system for any emulator. This front end runs in full-screen Kiosk tmode rather than a GUI. It was designed to run cleanly from CD-Roms (both LiveCDs and ordinary

Fishell - a front end to your system she  v.2.00.0

Fi-shell is a front-end to your system shell. It provides nonblocking i/o (concurrency) and pattern maching that is both easy to remember and readable (logic

Grep front-end using Java  v.0.1

This is a simple Java front-end for the UNIX grep. It lets you search file contents also if you are not familiar with the command line or the regular expression

Jabook - Java LDAP Addressbook Front-End  v.1.0.0beta2

jabook is an addressbook front-end for an LDAP server. It has multiple schema support via XML mapping, and multiple directory support for contact

JLHA front-end  v.0.1.6

This program implements the interface of the jLHA library. It is a command-line front-end for compressing/decompressing LHA files. The jLHA library is written by Michel

Openvpn java front end  v.rc

openvpnFE is a front end written in java for

PL/I front-end for GCC  v.0.0.15

Front-end for GNU Compiler Collection for the PL/I programming

Random Front End  v.1.0

Random Front End is a Java front end that facilitates the use of batteries of statistical tests. The front-ended batteries are: ENT Battery, DIEHARD Battery, and NIST

Richy's Motion Front-End  v.0.1.1

A web front-end for Motion. Needs Apache, PHP, Motion and a (working) webcam on Linux. jQuery and AJAX

Warlock Front End  v.1.0

The Warlock Front End is written to allow Simutronics games to be played in linux. The primary focus at this time is on Dragonrealms, but other games should (theoretically) work with

Web-based Mp3 player front-end  v.1.2

STPLAYER is a web-based front-end for command-line MP3 players. It is designed specifically for Soundtrack and Classical listeners. No databases are involved, searches are by filename only. NOTE: The webserver must be within earshot of the

World Of Warcraft Front End  v.1.0

Play WOW online for FREE! World Of Warcraft Front End is a front end for importing, searching, storing, launching, and retrieving information from private World Of Warcraft servers. With this you can even use the .ISO from the free trial and play

XDrdesktop, a GUI front-end for rdesktop  v.1.2.1

A front-end for rdesktop (Windows TS Client) that is simple but powerfull. Have options to map shares and printers, and all other options from rdesktop. The Xdialog is used because of the simplicity and light-weight, so it can run in any environment.

Not Only Yet Another LaTeX Front-End  v.1.0

Not Only Yet Another LaTeX Front-End (Noyaltex) is a LaTeX GUI front-end that targets on high-level functionalities for composing extremely long and complex documents. It works on Windows and Linux operating systems.

(MPS) Microsoft Provisioning Front End  v.1.0

Open source front-end to the Microsoft Provisioning Engine (MPS) and Hosted Active Directory, Hosted Exchange. This project is aimed at users of the MPS system that would like basic functions provided by a simple interface.

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